Q. Does HyperWRT use a different style of displaying configuration pages?
A. HyperWRT maintains the simple and easy to use appearance as the original firmware. The only change is more options and features, and improvement in performance.

Q. Does HyperWRT remove features from the original firmware?
A. Nope, HyperWRT adds more features and improves the performace of your router with configurable settings. For a detailed list see FeatureList.

Q. Does HyperWRT show how long the router has been on?
A. Yes, it displays the standard “uptime” of your router on the status page. Displayed in days and minutes, with average loads in 1, 5, 15 minutes.

Q. I’m a gamer. Is HyperWRT good for me?
A. HyperWRT includes plently, 40 total, of port range forwarding and port triggering spaces so you can connect directly to the internet. There is no need to worry about running out of spaces to enter your port range forwarding and port triggering options.

Q. Why is the Transmit Power option only at 50%?
A. The transmit power option is how much power your router uses to send and recieve data wirelessly. 50% is the default. When increasing the power, there is more heat produced from this energy . This heat can build up in the router. When using an option higher than 50%, some have added cooling solutions to reduce this heat, such as custom made fans. If you don’t have a large network, you can decrease this value.

Q. I’m worried about bad software being installed when I’m not using the computer. How can HyperWRT reduce the chance of malware when surfing web sites?
A. In addition to firewall, HyperWRT can filter out Java Applets and ActiveX Controls.

Q. What is the default login information to access the setup pages?
A. The default password is “admin”. The username can be left blank.

Q. I’m lazy to unplug and replug the router to reboot. Can HyperWRT make it easier?
A. Yes, HyperWRT includes a Reboot button. Just click and the router reboots. No need to reach for the power cord. 🙂

Q. My wireless connections are disconnecting. Is HyperWRT causing this?
A. It may not be the router’s fault. You may have to update the drivers on your wireless network adapter connected to your computer or you may have to roll back (downgrade) your drivers to a stable version.

Q. What is the function of the QoS (Quality of Service) page?
A. This page simpily gives a program, a computer, or device a prioity to consume more or less bandwidth than others. An example could be giving VoIP device a high prioity or giving a guest computer a lower prioity.

Q. My router is acting strange
A. First, do some troubleshooting steps. A common step is to reset the router by holding the reset button for a few seconds. Your settings will be changed to default settings. Then, download the latest firmware to the router. The problem may be solved in the new firmware, but it may be not documented on information pages.

Q. Is my router still supported by Linksys after using HyperWRT?
A. Unfortunately no. If you need support from Linksys or need to fix or return it, use the original Linksys firmware to rule out third-party firmware as the problem. Fortunately, WRT54s are easy to recover from the bricked state.

Q. Where can I download the official firmware?
A. Offical firmware is available at ftp://ftp.linksys.com . Beta, old, and new firmware available for download

Q. Where can I download HyperWRT?
A. Download it here: http://www.hyperwrt.org/Downloads.shtml

Q. What if my question is not answered here?
A. The HyperWRT forum is a place to answer all your questions and concerns.